deskbrowse Welcome to the new home of DeskBrowse, an open source web browser for Mac OS X that had been dead (the old domain expired) until now. Read the full DeskBrowse story.

Development status:
In-house development of DeskBrowse has ceased - however, we welcome any patches, commits, and bug reports. There is a subversion repository at for the most up-to-date code. We will make "releases" when and if significant progress is made. Also, we have a Trac repository set up at for future project management.

The current code-base is available for download for you to do what you please with (as long as it follows the licensing terms).

November 5, 2008: Some work has been done to clean up code a little bit. Things have definitely improved, at least by a small amount. In order for everything to actually become clean, the codebase would have to be rewritten from scratch.

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